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Are you looking for Suspension Service for your vehicle?

The suspension system of the vehicle comprises a variety of components that collaborate to support the vehicles weight, absorb shocks and maintain stability during driving. These components consist of springs, shocks or struts, control arms, and other interconnected elements, all working together in harmony to deliver a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Are you experiencing a sensation of drifting while operating your vehicle?

To ensure the utmost performance and safety of your vehicle, it is essential to have the suspension system inspected at Alderson Autos!

We are a respected automotive workshop acknowledged for our expertise in suspension service Leeds, on Lockwood Way. Our highly skilled technicians will conduct a thorough assessment of your vehicles suspension system and address any necessary repairs to ensure optimal safety and performance. You can trust us for all your suspension service requirements.

As a dedicated and dependable automotive workshop specialising in suspension service Leeds, we are committed to providing reliable assistance to our customers.

Causes of Faulty Suspension

The suspension system of a vehicle can experience damage due to various factors, including:

  • Poor Road Conditions
  • Wear and Tear
  • Inadequate Tyre Pressure
  • Accidents and Collisions
  • Misalignment or Faulty Wheel Balance
  • Excessive Loading
  • Lack of Maintenance
  • Challenging Driving Conditions
  • Rust and Corrosion

To minimise the risk of suspension damage and ensure the longevity and proper functioning of the suspension system, it is important to engage in regular maintenance, promptly address any issues or abnormalities, and drive responsibly, considering both road conditions and the vehicles capacity.

Indicators of faulty Suspension

While operating your vehicle, there are several signs that may suggest potential suspension damage. Take note of the following common manifestations:

Rough Ride

If your vehicle feels uneven or bumpy during operation, it could indicate suspension impairment. A compromised suspension system may fail to absorb shocks and vibrations, resulting in an uncomfortable ride.


When your vehicle tends to veer to one side, drift, or wander on the road, it may indicate suspension damage. Impaired suspension components can affect stability and steering, causing the vehicle to deviate from its intended path.

Uneven Tyre Wear

Suspension damage can lead to misaligned wheels, causing uneven tyre wear. Pay attention to unusual tread patterns or excessive wear in specific areas of the tyres.

Excessive Body Roll

If your vehicle leans or tilts excessively when manoeuvring corners or turns, it could be a result of suspension damage. Compromised components can compromise stability and handling, reducing the vehicles responsiveness.


Unusual clunks, bangs, or creaks when driving over bumps or uneven surfaces may indicate suspension damage. Impaired components can generate these abnormal sounds as they struggle to support the vehicles weight and movements effectively.


Experiencing excessive vibrations, especially at higher speeds, may be a sign of suspension damage. These vibrations can be felt through the steering wheel or throughout the entire vehicle, indicating issues with the suspension systems ability to provide a smooth and stable ride.

Front-end Dip

If the front of your vehicle noticeably dips downward when applying the brakes, it could be a result of suspension issues. Worn-out shocks or struts, damaged springs, or leaks in the hydraulic brake system can contribute to this symptom.

If you notice any of these signs, it is essential to arrange an inspection of your vehicle at a reputable auto repair shop like Alderson Autos. Our skilled technicians specialise in suspension repairs Leeds and can quickly identify and resolve any potential damage.

Note: Worn-out or damaged components generally cannot be repaired and will require replacement.

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