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Are you looking for Exhaust Services for your vehicle?

The vehicles emission system plays a vital function in collecting, purifying and redirecting harmful gases away from the engine and the vehicle itself. This indispensable part greatly contributes to reducing emissions, enhancing fuel efficiency, and ensuring a quiet and seamless operation of your automobile.

Are you experiencing loud, rumbling noises emanating from your vehicle?

If so, restore your vehicles performance by availing our proficient exhaust repair service at Alderson Autos.

As a dependable destination for expert exhaust services, we cater to all types of vehicles. Our team of highly skilled technicians possess extensive knowledge in dealing with exhaust systems and can promptly identify and rectify any issues with your vehicles emission system. We prioritise the utilisation of premium-quality components and materials, ensuring that our exhaust repairs Leeds adhere to the industrys highest standards.

Symptoms of a Faulty Exhaust System

Decreased fuel efficiency:

A malfunctioning exhaust system can have a negative impact on engine efficiency, resulting in increased fuel consumption and reduced fuel economy for your vehicle.

Strong emissions odour:

When the exhaust system is not functioning properly, harmful gases produced during combustion may not be adequately filtered and expelled from the vehicle. This can lead to the emission of a strong odour of toxic gases, posing potential health hazards.

Engine misfires:

An engine experiencing misfires can be an indication of a faulty exhaust system. Blockages or other issues in the catalytic converter can hinder the proper release of gases produced during the combustion process, leading to engine misfires. If you notice engine misfires, it is essential to have your vehicle undergo a comprehensive inspection of the exhaust system Leeds.

Excessive noise:

Unusual sounds like excessive hissing or thumping can suggest cracks in the muffler or tailpipe of your vehicles exhaust system. If you encounter any of these warning signs, it is important to have a thorough examination of your exhaust system. Delaying this inspection not only compromises your safety on the road but can also result in expensive repairs in the future.

Furthermore, a defective exhaust system significantly increases the chances of failing the MOT test. Therefore, if you observe any of the mentioned symptoms, it is advisable to seek professional inspection and servicing as soon as possible.

Components Examined During Exhaust Repairs

Our skilled technicians will conduct comprehensive inspections of various exhaust components to identify the underlying cause of the issue. These components include:

  • Muffler
  • Catalytic converter
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Exhaust manifold and more.

After evaluating the extent of the damage, we will present you with options for repairing or replacing the affected components, obtaining your approval beforehand. It is important to note that many exhaust components are not suitable for repair due to safety concerns. Hence, we recommend cost-effective replacements using high-quality OE-grade parts.

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