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In a vehicle, the battery acts like a storage device for electricity. It provides power to the vehicles electrical system. Most batteries are rechargeable lead-acid batteries. They have two main jobs: starting the engine and supplying power to the lights, accessories, and electronic systems when the engine is off.

Replacing your battery is an important part of regular maintenance. It helps make sure your vehicle runs smoothly and safely. Usually, a battery lasts around 4-7 years, depending on the weather and how much it's used. If the battery becomes weak, it can cause problems with the vehicles safety systems and lights.

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Signs of a Faulty Battery

There are different things that might show that your battery needs to be replaced. Here are some of the most common signs:

Dashboard Warning Light

Many modern vehicles feature a dashboard warning light that illuminates when there is an issue with the battery or charging system.

Slow Engine Cranking

A noticeable sign of a failing battery is sluggish engine cranking when attempting to start your vehicle. If the engine is cranking slowly or is taking longer than normal to start after turning the key, it may indicate a weakened battery that requires replacement.

Swollen Battery

If the battery case appears swollen or expanded, it indicates potential overheating, necessitating immediate replacement. Overcharging or excessive heat can lead to battery failure.

Unusual Odour

Detecting an uncommon smell emanating from your battery could indicate a leak or damage.

If you observe any of these indications, it is advisable to address them promptly to ensure optimal performance and reliability of your vehicle.

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At Alderson Autos, we are committed to providing our valued customers with reliable and excellent service. Whether you need a battery replacement Leeds or extensive repairs for your vehicle, our team are here to support you at every step.

We take pride in offering a wide selection of battery brands and models. This ensures you get a high-quality replacement that perfectly suits your vehicles needs. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge to perform a thorough battery test. They can accurately determine if your battery needs replacing or just needs to be recharged. If a replacement is necessary, we will help you choose the best battery for your specific vehicle and install it quickly and efficiently.

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